Course Objective :-

Familiarizing participants with modern investment methods in foreign currencies and the necessary precautionary measures to reduce investment risks and the role of managing correspondent banks in that

Course Thread :-  

  • Foreign exchange markets
  • The spot market and the forward market
  • Currency pricing
  • Price margin
  • Crossover rates
  • Benefits and their impact on currency rates
  • Currency exchange rates and free market mechanisms
  • Derivatives markets
  • Options market
  • Futures Market
  • Margin financing Arbitrage
  • Demand and supply factors for the currency
  • Using forecasts to speculate on exchange rates
  • Predict exchange rates
  • Hedging decision
  • Forecasting based on market indicators
  • Using real-time currency rates
  • Use of futures contract rates
  • Hedging policies
  • Market risks and methods of dealing with them to reduce risks
  • The role of correspondent banks in facilitating the work of the treasury and reducing risks

Target group :-  

  • Treasury managers and employees
  • Investment managers and employees
  • Managers and employees of risk
  • Managers and staff of auditing
  • Managers and Compliance Officers
  • Members of the Treasury and Investment Committees
  • Workers in investments, stocks, and the local and international markets
  • Workers in securities and trading
  • Executive departments in banks and financial institutions