The goal of the course :-

The program aims to develop the skills of participants in the use of the latest technologies in the strategy of training and career development, and in particular the program seeks to achieve the following sub-objectives :

  • Introducing participants to the concept, importance and types of training needs.
  • Building the capabilities of participants in the application of modern tools in analyzing, identifying and estimating current and future training needs in their organizations and developing a training strategy.
  • Enable participants to apply the outputs of identifying training needs in the training process and build the right training plan for the organization.

Program axes :-

  • The concept of human resources management and the training and development process.
  • Training process and institutional development in modern institutions.
  • The concept of training needs in light of modern environmental trends and changes.
  • Levels of identification of training needs and their different characteristics.
  • Modern ways of identifying and analyzing training needs.
  • Sources of identification of training needs.
  • (Performance analysis, efficiency assessment, evaluation centers).
  • Developing a training strategy from actual needs.

Target groups:

  • Human resources management workers
  • Institutional development workers
  • Direct managers and team leaders responsible for determining unit and individual objectives
  • Human Resources Management Managers and Staff
  • Managers and employees of talent management departments
  • Responsible for evaluating departments and staff
  • Responsible for the development of career replacement plans
  • Human Resources Management Advisors
  • Those responsible for conducting job interviews
  • Directors and staff of the Internal Audit Department
  • Training officials in institutions and training plans

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