GAFM Sign a cooperation agreement with the Association of Accountants, Al-Jubouri Company and its partners

In the presence of Captain Jawad Ghanem Al-Shahili and a group of members of the syndicate, academy and al-Jubouri company signed the International Academy of Finance and Management  GAFM  with the Union of Iraqi Accountants and Auditors and Al Jubouri Company and its partners academy educational cooperation agreement to enhance cooperation in the  field of  training  and development and integration of training plans in addition to holding joint training for the financial and banking sector in all related fields and strengthening sectors with professional certificates and raising awareness of the concept of training courses and The international  curriculum, represented by the Academy in the signing of the memorandum of understanding, the director of the Iraq branch, Mr. Hisham Khalid, and represented the syndicate vice-captain Dr. Muwaffaq al-Shammari  and the representatives of  Al-Jubouri company and his partners Mr. Ahmed al-Jubouri, head of partners, and in the presence of the union’s  representatives, Messrs.  Dr. Thamer Al Tai, Mr. Al-Shahri, Dr. Inas al-Qaisi, and by the Academy, Mr. Mohammed Al Dabas, Professor Omar Al-Taie, Professor Reem Mahdi Al-Khafaji and Professor Assour Hekmat.