Amel Ahmed Madhloom

  • Bachelor’s degree in banking sciences
  • Compliance Manager – Baghdad Bank
  • Certified Compliance Officer – CCO
  • 18 years banking experience

Dina Dhurgham Yousif

  • Director of Treasury & Investment / Trust International Islamic Bank
  • Certified Compliance Officer – CCO
  • More than 18 years banking experience

Emad Resen Hassan

  • Holds a PhD in Legal Accounting
  • Assistant General Manager of Al-Nahrain Islamic Bank
  • Certified Risk Analyst

Dunya Nassir Al-Hayali

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy – University of Baghdad
  • Certified Marketing Analyst – CMA
  • Member of Toastmasters International
  • 13 years of experience in marketing and sales

Huda Kahtan Khalaf

  • Director of Shari’ah Compliance and Compliance Control / Asia Islamic Bank of Iraq
  • Bachelor of Law – Mustansiriya University
  • Certified Islamic Specialist in Governance and Compliance
  • Certified Compliance Officer – CCO
  • Arbitration consultant in cybercrime
  • Member of the Iraqi Bar Association
  • 11 years experience in the banking and insurance sector

Yasir Mwafak Sami

  • Director of the International Department of the North Bank for Investment and Finance
  • Certified Anti-Money laundering Specialist – CAMS
  • Certified Compliance Officer – CCO
  • Diploma in International Banking Operations
  • Member of the American Institute of Internal Control – ICI
  • Member of Transparency International to apply banking standards
  • Member of Iraqi Translators Association (Member of the International Federation of Translators)

Zahraa Ghanim Qasim

  • Risk Management Director – Al Qurtas Islamic Bank
  • Bachelor’s degree in financial and banking sciences
  • CORM – Certified Operational Risk Manager
  • Certified Islamic specialist in risk management

Aws Waleed Al Obaidi

  • Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist – CAMS
  • DMLRO – National Bank of Iraq
  • 11 years banking experience