This course is designed for those who want to understand the basic elements of building an effective digital marketing campaign. Online training sessions are offered that incorporate best practical practices for basic techniques in digital marketing. Online reference tools and materials are provided, enabling trainees to have a solid working knowledge that they can implement instantly.

Program output :-

  • Create and / or improve a strategy to measure and improve the effectiveness of digital media.
  • Review current methods and identify areas for improvement
  • a Pay-per-click (PPC) ads including Google AdWords, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads.
  • Social media marketing tips and tools for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, content marketing, etc.
  • Online advertising including ad networks and behavioral targeting.
  • Optimizing the content and copying of websites and blogs.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning.

Program contents :-

  • Digital Marketing Overview.
  • Google Ads – Search Advertising | Advertising Display | Marketing renewal.
  • My business on Google : Connect your business with your customers.
  • Internal Marketing Concepts (Digital) Digital Implementation.
  • Social Media Marketing – The Strategy | Blogging Facebook | Twitter | Linked-in | Instagram.
  • Video Marketing – YouTube.
  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads.
  • Google analytic.