Course outputs :-

  • Modern technologies that helped spread the crime of money laundering
  • The legal concept of the crime of money laundering (law – punishment)
  • The substantive provisions for the crime of money laundering
  • Crimes attached to the crime of money laundering
  • Preventive measures against money laundering
  • Risk Based Approach
  • Understand the suspicious materialistic movements
  • Suspicious Movement Reports STR, SAR
  • Features and indicators of money laundering operations that banks must take into account
  • How is money laundering detected?
  • Difficulties facing money laundering
  • Banking and legal methods
  • The appropriate environment for money laundering operations

Target Groups :-  

  • All employees of banks, companies and financial institutions
  • Supervisors and heads of departments in banks and financial institutions
  • Who the nature of their work has a relationship with financial and banking businesses