Introduction :-

The investment portfolio is a set of financial instruments that individuals, institutions, companies and governments invest in, and in order for these portfolios to be successful you must know the details of how to invest in them in order to reach their goals, one of the most important objectives of the formation of investment portfolios is to maximize and maintain the capital used in them.

Workshop axes :-

  • What is the investment portfolio ?
  • What advantages does the investment portfolio offer to the investor?
  • The benefits of portfolio diversity.
  • Types of investment portfolios.
  • Fixed income securities.
  • Types of fixed income securities.
  • What are the risks of investing in financial instruments.
  • The most important systems used in trading in investment portfolios.

Target groups:

  • Treasury managers and employees
  • Investment managers and staff
  • Risk managers and staff
  • Audit managers and staff
  • Compliance managers and staff
  • Members of investment committees and treasury
  • Employees in investments, stocks and local and international markets
  • Securities and trading workers
  • Executive departments in banks and financial institutions

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