Iraqi Union Of Accountants And Auditors

Iraqi Accountants and Auditors Syndicate: It is an institution established under the Law of Accountants and Auditors Association No. (185) for the year 1969 and it has a moral personality that has the right to dispose of the movable money and real estate within the limits of its objectives and the union aims to raise the professional and social level of members and practitioners, defend their rights and facilitate the means of work for them Contributing to the economic renaissance and planning for it in cooperation with the competent authorities and organizing the rules for practicing the profession in order to cooperate with unions, societies and other professional bodies inside and outside Iraq in order to achieve common goals.


Joboori & Co

The office of Mr. Mahdi Al-Jubouri for legal services was established after he was retired in 1983 after 30 years of service in the Iraqi judiciary and great accumulated experience.

Mr. Ahmed Mahdi Al-Jubouri (chartered accountant) joined the office after he obtained a license to practice the profession of auditing in Iraq to provide accounting and auditing services, opening another “area” in the professional services provided by the office.

Ayman Al-Jubouri & Partners Company for Legal and Financial Services was established according to the incorporation certificate numbered MSC-03-68956 on 2/2/2009 to expand the range of legal services provided by the group and add more specializations to the professional services provided by the office, such as services for companies, to reach the highest added value For our professional services.

Ahmed Al-Jubouri and his partner were established to monitor and audit accounts under the incorporation certificate numbered MS-02-69456 on 02/16/2009.

The company has an independent moral personality, as it is financially and administratively independent, thus the group has a wing specialized in providing accounting and auditing services, and the group has become able to provide a highly efficient integrated service to the financial and business community.

Ahmed Al-Jubouri and his partner were granted a license to practice the profession of auditing and auditing as an independent company in accordance with Iraqi laws and granted license No. 5 on 07/29/2010 to practice the profession of auditing and auditing in Iraq.

Ahmed Al-Jubouri and his partner for auditing and monitoring of accounts joined the RSM International Corporation, one of the largest accounting and auditing companies in the world, provided that Ahmed Al-Jubouri and his partner were the representative of RSM International in Iraq as a correspondent company.