Course outputs :-

  • Self-awareness and social awareness.
  • Overcoming the difficulties and challenges we face in our daily and practical lives.
  • Better balance personal and practical life.
  • Strengthen a positive mentality in the face of changes.
  • Improve personal and professional performance.
  • The ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • The ability to help others challenge different circumstances.
  • The ability to set goals, values and vision.

Unit 1 :-  

Introduction to coaching

  • The concept of coaching.
  • The need to coaching in our personal and practical lives.
  • Coaching features.
  • Types of coaching.
  • Coaching’s role in self-development.

Unit 2 :-  

Coaching effect on the equation of success.

  • The concept and standard of success.
  • The impact of coaching in raising the criteria for success.
  • A relationship of coaching and passion.
  • Coaching and habits.
  • Coaching and out of the comfort zone.

Unit 3 :-  

Qualities, tasks and skills of successful coach.

  • The qualities of a successful coach.
  • The basic tasks of a successful coach.
  • Skills that help build a successful coach.
  • Ethics and principles of coaching.

Unit 4 :-  

Coaching strength in improving functionality.

  • His role in career development.
  • Its role in identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • His role in prioritizing and time management.
  • Its role in dealing with variables.

Unit 5 :-  

Coaching tools.

  • The most important tools that help in self-development.
  • The most important tools that help determine values and goals.
  • The most important tools to raise productivity at work.
  • Build better leaders.

Unit 6 :-  

Training and application of coaching in personal and working life

  • Apply coaching skills.
  • A practical application to manage a coaching dialogue.
  • Examples and facts on the effectiveness of coaching.
  • Tips to help with the effectiveness of using coaching.