Course Objective:-

  • Introducing the participants to the business of the Commercial Services Department (credits – letters of guarantee – bills of collection – remittances)
  • Raise the participant’s capabilities in a currency with the Commercial Services Department and qualifies for professional advancement

Course Thread:-  

  • Bills of collection and bank transfers
  • Bank transfers and checks
  • Outward remittances
  • Incoming remittances
  • Bank checks
  • Bills of collection
  • Types of bills of collection
  • Collection policy documents
  • Parties to the collection policy
  • Local and foreign letters of guarantee
  • Types of bank guarantees
  • Local bank guarantees operations
  • External bank guarantees operations
  • Documentary Credits
  • The life cycle of a documentary credit
  • Parties to the documentary credit
  • Types of Documentary Credits
  • Amending documentary credits
  • Terms and conditions of documentary credits

Target group :-  

  • Managers of appropriations, external letters of guarantee, remittances and their employees
  • Managers of international departments and their employees
  • Trade Finance Managers and their employees
  • Operations managers and their employees
  • SWIFT managers and their employees
  • Parties related to financial and banking work
  • Employees of commercial and industrial companies working in the field of import and export.