Course Objective :-

Deepening the participants’ understanding of the updated international trade terminology 2020 and its importance in serving international trade and its parties from the seller (the exporter) and the buyer (the importer).

Unit 1 :-  

  • What is INCOTERMS2020 working on?
  • What does INCOTERMS2020 not work on
  • What is the best way to include the INCOTERMS2020 Terms of Trade?
  • Delivery, risks and costs in INCOTERMS2020
  • Relationship of the INCOTERMS2020 rules to other contracts
  • The correct use of INCOTERMS2020 for any transfer method
  • Differences between INCOTERMS2010 and INCOTERMS2020
  • Sea freight document with ferry on board and FCA carrier delivery base
  • costs where included
  • Different levels of insurance coverage in the CIF and CIP rules
  • Arranging for carriage by means of transport belonging to the seller or buyer in the FCA, DAP, DPU and DDP rules
  • Change the base DAT to DPU
  • Include security requirements in transport commitments and costs
  • Explanatory notes to users

Obligations of the seller (exporter) and buyer (importer) within the INCOTERMS2020 international commercial terms rules:

  • Rules for all modes of transport:
    • Factory / Workplace Delivery EWX
    • FCA carrier delivery
    • Transportation fares paid until …. CPT
    • Carriage and insurance fees are paid up to … CIP
    • Delivery of the goods at the place of arrival after unloading the DPU
    • Delivery of the goods at the place of arrival DAP
    • Delivery of the goods at the place of arrival, the DDP fee paid
  • Rules for maritime transport and transportation via inland waterways:
    • FAS Delivery Alongside Ship
    • Delivery on board the FOB vessel
    • Cost and freight paid up to CFR
    • Cost, insurance and freight paid up to CIF

Target Group :-

  • Managers of appropriations, external letters of guarantee, remittances and their employees
  • Managers of international departments and their employees
  • Trade Finance Managers and their employees
  • Operations managers and their employees
  • SWIFT managers and their employees
  • Parties related to financial and banking work
  • Employees of commercial and industrial companies working in the field of import and export.