Course Output :-

  • Introducing small and medium enterprises.
  • Defining the components of the credit policy for these projects.
  • Enable participants to evaluate collateral for small and medium enterprises
  • Enabling participants to assess and follow up on the risks of financing small projects

Course Thread :-  

  • What are small and medium enterprises and their importance
  • Types of small and micro enterprises
  • The problems of small and medium industries in Arab countries
  • The importance of small enterprises in achieving economic and social development
  • Reasons for the reluctance of traditional banks to finance small enterprises
  • Small enterprise credit evaluation requirements
  • The components of the credit policy towards small enterprises in particular
  • The importance of the financial statements of the small enterprise in assessing the creditworthiness
  • The scarcity of information about small and medium enterprises and how to verify them
  • Financial analysis by ratios, as well as vertical and horizontal analysis of the financial statements of a small project
  • How to evaluate guarantees for financing small projects
  • Small project financing risks and their follow-up
  • Preparing the credit report for the small project
  • Modern methods of financing small projects
  • Leasing as a source of financing for small projects

Target group :-  

  • Heads and employees of departments (credit, facilities, risk management, control and internal auditing)
  • Workers in accounting departments in small and medium enterprises.
  • Personnel involved in preparing and controlling the estimated budgets.
  • Responsible for planning, research and financial control.
  • Workers in institutions that finance and support small and medium-sized companies