Waleed Aidi Al-Hajjaj

  • – Bachelor of Accounting and Business Administration / University of Mustansiriya
  • – Higher Diploma in Banking Management / University of Baghdad
  • – Worked in the Central Bank since 1986 and the most prominent positions:
  • – General Manager of Banking Control Department
  • – General Manager of Statistics and Research Department
  • – General Manager of the Center for Banking Studies
  • – More than 140 research studies and analytical reports

Dr. Salah Sahib Al-Baghdadi

  • – PhD in Accounting – Specialization in Accounting Philosophy
  • – Dean of the Arab Institute of Certified Accountants
  • – Member of the Iraqi Union of Accountants and Auditors
  • – Member of the Iraqi Association of Certified Public Accountants
  • – Member of the Auditing and Auditing Profession Council in Iraq

Dr. Rajaa Azeez Bandar

  • -PhD in economics monetary policy and financial and banking sciences
  • -General Director of the Center for Banking Studies / the Central Bank of Iraq
  • -36 years of experience in the public sector
  • -Degree in international trade relations, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bank
  • -Certificate in monetary policy and exchange rate Arab Monetary Fund

Dr. Qasim Raheef Al-Faisal

  • – Director General of the Basra branch / Central Bank of Iraq
  • – PhD in Accounting and Chartered Accountant
  • – Higher Institute of Accounting and Financial Studies
  • – Auditor / Auditing Board of Auditors
  • – Lecturer for administrative accounting and cost accounting

Dr . Buthaina Rashid Hummidi

  • – holds a PhD in Accounting
  • – Dean of the College of Administration and Economics / Al-Mustansiriya University
  • – 29 years of experience in accounting and teaching
  • – Member of the Iraqi Union of Accountants and Auditors

Ahmad Waleed Ahmed

  • – Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance
    – Chairman of the Iraqi Islamic Bank
    – Chairman of Al-Fouz Securities Co.
    – Chairman of the Securities Brokers Union – Baghdad
    – Member of the Board of Directors of Mansour Melia Hotel – Baghdad
    – Member of the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Business Council – Dubai
    – Representative of Iraqi Businessmen Association – Dubai 

Mr. AbdulSattar Hammad

  • – Bachelor of Management and Economics – Mustansiriya University
    – General Manager Assistant of Financial and Accounting Training Center – Ministry of Finance
    – Serving more than 30 years in the government sector
    – Over 30 years of experience in accounts and financial management

Abdulhussain Tofeeq Shibili

  • – Bachelor degree in Accounting – University of BASRAH
    – Master degree in Cost Accounting – University of BAGHDAD
    – PhD in Accounting – University of BAGHDAD
    – Assistant Professor at business administration college and Associate Chancellor at University of BASRAH
    – Member of the Scientific Committee of the Accounting Department
    – Member of Committee for Discussing PHD Theses – University of BASRAH, University of BAGHDAD, Al-Mustansiriya University, Al-Qadisiyah University and the Accountants and Auditors Syndicate
    – Member of the Ministerial Committee to study the possibility of opening a Masters degree in the Administrative Technical College