Program themes :-

  • Credit risk concept
  • Historical development of credit risk
  • Correct credit award criteria
  • Credit risk assessment requirements
  • Why take care of credit risks
  • Loan approval process
  • Form of credit process analysis
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Principles of public lending
  • Systematic introduction to credit assessment
  • Lending to groups
  • Lending risks to holding companies
  • Guarantees from the group of companies
  • Structuring loans
  • Reassurance messages
  • Analysis of the risk of forward lending
  • Technology vs. Imitation
  • Classical credit analysis and modern analysis
  • Credit analysis tools
  • Identify credit risks using margin
  • Classic slope analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Analysis of differentiation (differentiation)
  • Z-SCORE model
  • Comparative financial ratio analysis

Target groups:

  • Credit managers and employees 
  • Directors and staff of the Finance Department 
  • Risk management managers and staff
  • Directors and employees of internal audit and oversight departments and members of committees
  • Directors and employees of banking facilities and companies 
  • Compliance managers and staff
  • Senior and Middle Executive Department
  • Those wishing to develop their competence in the field 
  • Financial and banking workers

To register or inquire:

Email the page or email  or on the  phone

07700025470- 07711112089  and possible on whatsapp app for the same numbers