Compliance Officer Program Accredited CCO in collaboration with the Iraqi Banking Association

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks concluded , the CCO certificate course in collaboration with the International Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) Iraq chapter, With the participation of a number of employees in the banking sector.


Certificate overview :-

CCO is an administrative program designed to teach practical understanding of regulatory compliance requirements. It covers several key areas and uses a variety of training techniques. Key areas of the platform include understanding the regulatory environment, which is responsible for compliance, the role of corporate governance in compliance programs, and the implementation of compliance programs.

The focus will be on practical approaches, rather than theory. The aim of this course is to equip specialists with skills that can be used once they return to the institution. You will learn to appreciate how organizations and their public employees are increasingly exposed to the regulatory environment, how to identify compliance issues that are most important to you and how to deliver a compliance management program within your organization.


The objectives of the program :-

  • Determine the meaning of compliance with your organization and how it is able to develop an organizational response to its demands.
  • Compliance inside and out
  • Understand the consequences of the risks of non-compliance
  • Assess the relationship between corporate governance and compliance, including market expectations for that relationship
  • Understand how to produce a corporate compliance program designed for your organization
  • Learn how to improve the regulatory structure of compliance