The goal of the course :-

  • Introducing participants to the concept and meaning of censorship and auditing and its importance
  • Introducing participants to the types and characteristics of banking control
  • Inform participants about the objectives and conditions of banking supervision
  • Inform participants about the tasks of the oversight and auditing services.
  • Introducing participants to the work mechanisms of field and office control teams
  • Introducing participants to the concept and standards of legal liquidity
  • Inform participants about the control of central management of banking risks
  • Introducing participants to advanced banking and auditing methods.

Program axes :-

  • Access to the science of censorship
  • The concept and meaning of censorship
  • The importance of banking supervision
  • Types of banking supervision
  • Banking control characteristics
  • Banking control objectives
  • Banking control requirements
  • Central Bank oversight services on bank supervision
  • Field and office control
  • Banking control tools
  • Banking control tools for monetary authorities and their development in accordance with the functional characteristics of banks
  • Legal liquidity
  • Credit control criteria – quantity –  
  • Credit control standards – quality –
  • Control of central management of banking risks
  • Banking control in light of economic transformations and Basel standards.
  • The general climate of the world’s banking industry in light of global developments
  • The impact of global transformations and developments on banking and the role of banking supervision
  • Advanced banking control methods
  • Separation of bank control functions with monetary policy policy mapping and implementation functions
  • Basic requirements for effective banking control:
    • Control of the establishment of banks
    • Control of employee compliance with banking instructions
    • Impact of the CORONA pandemic on the performance of banks

Target groups:

  • Senior and Middle Executive Department
  • Board members
  • Committee members (audit, risk, governance, asset management)
  • Risk management managers and staff
  • Internal audit managers and staff
  • Managers and employees of financial management and accounts
  • Directors and employees of the Credit and Banking Facilities Department 
  • Compliance managers and staff
  • Senior and Middle Executive Department
  • Those wishing to develop their competence in the field 
  • Financial and banking workers

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