Course Output :-

  • Use risk analysis as a basic business approach
  • Estimating the benefits of risk management in financial institutions
  • Compliance with major risk management standards
  • Identifying and avoiding common errors in risk analysis
  • Developing a comprehensive risk management toolkit

Course Thread :-  

  • Introduction to risk management What are the main types of risks?
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Risk register
  • Managing market risks and market impacts
  • Credit risk and its correlations Liquidity risk
  • Interest rates and foreign currencies
  • The concept of hedging
  • Stress tests
  • Managing operational risks The three pillars of management
  • Capital allocation for operational risk management techniques
  • Monitoring and measuring operational risks
  • Strategic risk management
  • Strategic risks Political and sovereign risks
  • The international implications of risk management
  • Business continuity management Risks of non-compliance

Target group :-  

  • Managers and employees of risk management
  • Managers and employees of internal auditing
  • Credit managers and officers
  • Treasury and investment managers and employees
  • Managers and Compliance Officers
  • Managers and employees of financial departments and accounts
  • Executive departments in banks and financial institutions
  • Branch managers and their assistants