Contains :-

  • Product definition and linkages
  • Designing forms for funding requests
  • Sequential implementation steps according to the internal procedures of  each product
  • Practical steps and documentary and accounting cycle
  • Internal bank transfer product
  • External Bank Transfer Product
  • Foreign exchange sales product
  • Documentary Credits Product
  • Electronic card product
  • Product letters of guarantee
  • Current account product in local currency
  • Foreign currency current account product
  • Absolute Investment Product
  • Restricted investment product
  • Savings Accounts Product
  • Speculative product
  • The product of peace and parallel peace
  • Parallel ististanding product
  • Operating leasing and lease product ended with ownership
  • Murabaha Product
  • Product selling and renting benefits and services
  • Co-financing product
  • Participation in the item with the promise of purchase
  • Islamic Sukuk Product
  • Documents with collection fee

Target groups:

All bank employees, companies and financial institutions

Supervisors and heads of departments in banks and financial institutions

From the nature of their work to the financial and banking business

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