The International Academy of Finance and Management was established in the United States of America in 1996, for the purposes of quality assurance in education and accredited training, examinations, and continuing education at the international level. The International Academy is a global certification body that accredits universities and training companies as providers of training services that carry the international training ISO 29990.

It has both the American Academy of Financial Management AAFM and the American Academy of Project Management AAPM, which are spread in a large group of offices and branches in countries of the world It has more than 200 thousand members, and the International Academy for Finance and Management specializes in providing standards for professional certificates with an international reputation in the following areas :-

  • Wealth management and private banks.
  • Risk management and credit operations.
  • Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering.
  • Private equity, market analysis, investment, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Development of senior management.
  • Commercial banks and enhancing the performance of their branches.
  • Project engineering and management.
  • Marketing, advertising, leadership and others.

The Global Academy of Finance and Administration has worked with many international organizations such as: HSBC Global Banking Group, US Department of Labor, NASA, Thomson Reuters, Deutsche Bank, China Reconstruction Bank, US Department of Interior, US Department of Energy, US Financial Sector Regulatory Authority, and others Globally, in the Arab world, it has cooperated in training the employees of many banking and financial sectors in the Arab countries, and among the most important Arab institutions: the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, the Arab Academy for Financial and Banking Sciences, the Saudi Monetary Fund and many other banks..

 American Academy of Project Management- AAPM

The American Academy of Financial Management is the main incubator for the International Standards Council, which specializes in setting standards for accreditation of training and professional certification around the world. The American Academy recognizes thousands of MA and PhD holders, chartered accountants, lawyers, consultants, and AACSB alumni as executive members in more than 151 countries. The Academy provides all specialized international accreditation services in addition to specialized training for specialized program certificates in the financial, banking and accounting fields.

 American Academy of Financial Management- AAFM

It is an internationally recognized professional organization and has many members around the world who possess the scientific and practical experience and qualifications necessary to hold its prestigious professional certificates. The certification standards of the American Academy of Project Management are from the International Standards Board spread across the USA and Europe where we maintain the best training standards in the areas of project management, business,e-commerce, planning, and human resources.

Professor George Mintz

Chairman, General Counsel and Executive Director – International Standard Board
Master of Business Administration, Certificate in International Law
diploma. Licensed Legal Counsel and Notary Public in the United States of America

Being the first ISO 21001 accredited body and the first in the USA to obtain ISO 29990 certification is not an easy task, but we did get accreditation and also got ISO 9001 certification in Europe and internationally.

Professional accreditation and development are in constant revolution around the world. As we have paid attention to executives globally for more than 20 years, we are creating education and standards with new approaches to metrics, technology, accreditation, pedagogy and development methods.

Because of our innovations, we can foster greater learning principles and new strategic thinking for professionals more efficiently than traditional methods. While some in business simply offer narrow options for learning styles, GAFM® is created by thought leaders, experts, managers, professors, and CEOs from the “real world” by integrating high-level certification, assessment, accreditation, professional development standards, alumni and benchmarks.

Instead of creating a one-stop-shop designation, GAFM® has taken a research-based approach to our charter structures and certifications and has created specialized designations for professions in banking, management consulting, accounting, project management, risk management, economics, compliance, wealth management, and finance.

Dr. Abdulrahman Hashem

Regional Director of the International Academy of Finance and Administration
In the Middle East and North Africa region

In the Global Academy for Finance and Management – the regional office, we strive to form the first channel for professional information in the Arabic language, as we are working on translating and auditing the training content for all international professional (GAFM) certificates through committees of experts and specialists who are scientifically and professionally recognized.
We have also sought in recent years to form Chapters branches in every Arab country whose goal is to facilitate communication with institutions in the government and private sectors, through the vision and mission of the International Academy for Finance and Management. And we are in the Iraq branch through its wise management represented by Mr. Hisham Khaled and the members of the Board of Trustees, we are striving to bring everything that is distinctive to the business sectors in Iraq, and this is what has been achieved in the record period of time since its establishment in 2019, where a set of international professional certificates was presented in the language Arabic and the launch of several accredited courses and free workshops aimed at raising awareness about the latest developments in science.