As the number of customers and branch transactions continues to decline, banks must reassess the role of branch manager. Banks should invest in branch managers, provide them with the right competencies and people, tools, customer objectives, sales objectives, regression and monitor results that turn into a dynamic source of profitability.

This certification will focus on the next generation of branch managers who will lead the transition to CRM and manage an active customer advisory environment to achieve financial goals. The certificate will focus on the important skills and expectations that must be developed to ensure that the branch manager exceeds the expectations and objectives set for him.

The Course Outputs :-

  • Preparing managers and providing them with the basic skills to be available to branch managers
  • Develop management, behavioral, professional and customer engagement skills
  • Understanding and developing banking sales skills
  • Solve problems with customers according to best practices and build an effective complaints system

Target Groups :-

This highly practical certification program is specifically designed for:

  • Branch managers and associates
  • Branch Management Managers
  • Regional managers
  • Senior Executive Management
  • Sales and Marketing Department
  • Personnel Management
  • Customer Service
  • Banking awareness and public protection

Advantages of passing the test :-

  • The success of completing this certificate makes you a certified branch manager   of ABBM
  • You can use the ABBM label on your business card and your CV
  •  Access to  GAFM
  •  It is preferable to access education centers in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America
  • Access to GAFM online magazine

Unit 1 :-

  • Managing a successful bank branch
  • Basic principles of leadership
  • Determine the performance management process
  • Understand your management and leadership style
  • Training, advice, and discipline
  • The challenges we face with young employees
  • Generational approach to motivation and management
  • Schedule and plan for your daily work environment

Unit 2 :-

  • Enhanced team performance and complaint management
  • Team building techniques
  • Performance ratings
  • Managing difficult situations
  • Guiding and managing the team
  • Performance and development

Unit 3 :-

  • Bonus – cash and non-cash
  • Managing complaints and building an effective complaints system
  • Solve problems with customers according to best practices
  • Ethical symbols in the workplace
  • Communication and communication skills
  • The importance of communication between the team
  • Ways to formulate conversations with employees and management
  • Turning negative language into positive ones

Unit 4 :-

  • Building close relationships
  • Types of problems in the workplace
  • Where the problems are happening
  • Ways to solve problems

Unit 5 :-

  • Bank Branch Sales Techniques
  • Understanding and developing banking sales skills
  • Weekly sales meetings
  • Regular and emergency meetings
  • Sudden employee outages
  • Sales Leadership
  • Challenges and opportunities

Unit 6 :-

  • Building effective customer relationships to achieve the monthly goal
  • Dealing with VIP customers
  • Cross-selling techniques
  • Achieving excellence in customer service

Test time and details:

Nature Test: Multiple-choice questions

Test duration: 2 hours

Success score: 70